LT Band Bingo
All proceeds support Legend HS Band Programs

Drive-In Guidelines

Relax and play some Bingo from the safety of your own vehicle!

About this Event
• Bingo packets will be sold as cars enter the parking lot.
• Bingo starts at 6:00 PM, we have room for 100 cars!
• The parking lot will open at 5:30 pm and the Bingo will begin at 6:00 PM!
• Please carefully read over our drive-in policies to ensure a safe and fun Bingo experience for all.

Drive-In Policies
1. You must remain in your vehicle at all times before, during, and after Bingo. The only exception is to visit the concession stand.

To abide by physical distancing laws, under no circumstances will patrons be allowed to play Bingo outside their vehicle. We will allow patrons to sit inside their truck beds or hatchbacks as we consider this to be inside your vehicle. We ask that you abide by all state and local laws.

2. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed. Everyone must abide by Colorado vehicle laws.

3. Do not toss or leave any garbage, food, or beverage containers outside your car. Please take home what you bring to the Bingo event.

4. The sound will be played through your vehicle AM/FM stereo only. Do not play loud music prior to the start of Bingo, or during Bingo.

5. When Bingo ends, everyone must leave the parking lot. Please be patient and courteous to others when leaving.

6. This is a rain or shine event! Unless there is a thunderstorm/high winds and it is unsafe to have the event, we will continue even if it rains.

7. Do not arrive before 5:30 pm. Check-in will not open until 5:30 pm and we discourage cars lining up prior to 5:30 pm.

8. Follow staff instructions on how to park your vehicle. You will be directed to a designated parking spot. Speed limit in and around the event is 5mph.

9. There are no reserved parking spots. You cannot choose your spot. The parking attendants will direct you to the next available spot based on your vehicle size.

10. Larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs will be parked in the rear of the drive-in no matter what time you arrive to allow better visibility for smaller vehicles.

11. There will be no bathroom facilities available during this event. Please plan accordingly.

ANY violation of our policies will result in being asked to leave the Bingo area. We must all comply with these guidelines in order to maintain a safe experience for everyone. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.